Time warner antenna hook up

This will likely be cheaper.

As for the filter and antenna stuff, I don't think they install a band-pass filter. I think they just shut off the TV portion of the signal they send you. And, no, I don't think you can use the coax wall port with an antenna to distribute the signal to your whole house. The only signal you will getting on that cable connection is the Internet.

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Look into distributing the Internet connection throughout the house using those powerline LAN setups. You could use an antenna to pick-up OTA signals, then distribute those around the house via coax cable. Try it first with a single TV, and see how strong the TV signal is. Please don't, they're horrible pollutants of RF, they radiate like a mofo.

WiFi and TV reception would be fine, but anything lower in frequency gets trashed and quite bad. MOCA is the same price with none of the drawbacks, and it'll coexist nicely with video signals on coax. I thought that's what he wanted to do in the first place? Additionally, they're probably unnecessary. Run the coax from the cable company directly to the cable modem and disconnect it from the coax circuit going to the wall plates.

Connect the antenna to the wall-plate circuit, and you're done. It's highly unlikely that the OP has more than one cable modem instead of wifi or a lan setup, so the distribution of the internet should already be solved and unaffected by disconnecting the coax internet feed from the wall plate circuit. Single coax line from the street to the attic, where the cable modem and router live, ethernet and wifi from there. Satellite feed is hooked up to the wall plate system, since I don't need multiple coax internet hookups.

We fished ethernet to two rooms through the wall, and to one with one of those cable-hider things that sticks into a corner. Everywhere else is served by wifi without issue. It all uses the same coax cable. You're just changing the signal source. No need to complicate it further. Just keep in mind that the cable company feed probably enters the house near ground level while your antenna should be mounted as high as practical.

If you keep cable modem service, there's a good chance you'll still have your local OTA channels coming in on the wire. This is even more likely if you keep basic cable. Installing a filter is unusual. It was cheaper for me to run internet-only with Time Warner Cable than any package deal. That's what I use. Thanks for the replies. I never thought of connecting my cable modem directly to the feed coming in from the side of the house and then letting the coax in the whole house be it's own "network".

That's a good idea.

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I live in a two story condo, so I was gonna put the antenna on the top floor and distribute the signal from there. I'm not sure the point I was making came across clearly.

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You may not need to fiddle with an antenna at all, because the cable company may still be piping in the local networks, even if you aren't an active TV subscriber. I believe they are mandated to do so if you are a TV subscriber, and they often don't make a distinction for internet-only subscribers. It's worth a test, anyway, after you cancel TV service.


How to Set Up a Time Warner Scientific Atlanta Box | Your Business

Of course, they may not be, or you may get more channels via the antenna, or any number of other reasons the antenna may be the better option. They may have a flimsy blocking mechanism, but, unless they are doing something illegal, the cable company can't be selling you something they are mandated to provide. OTA is the way to go here. Sometimes you are can pick up a couple of channels not on the cable company's local-broadcast tier, depending on your city and the surrounding geography. In , I was paying for only internet and yet received something akin to "expanded basic" cable for "free.

All I'm saying is that after you unsubscribe and get rid of your cable box, connect the cable line directly to your TV's tuner, run a channel scan, and see what you come up with. IME It depends on who's doing your cable work. It used to be Comcast out here that did it and yeah, I'd see free cable feeds all the time, and the work was slow as hell. Now they subcontract that stuff out to local company such as Pioneer Cable.

Work gets done a LOT faster and more is more timely, but you can bet they also put in all the required blocks as well, no more free cable around here. I need to double-check mine but my Time Warner Cable de-installer actually installed some sort of filter on my line ouside the house. I'd bet it blocks TV signals entirely. As said, it depends on the cableco as well as other conditions, but in more situations than not, you would be wrong.

If it's a new internet only install and they're rolling a truck, the installer will almost always install a notch filter.

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If you're an existing customer that has already had service, they'll kill off the digital feeds from the headend. If you have a digital box, nothing at all will work. If it was connected to a plain old cable ready TV, you're analog channels will still work IE, ch generally. Analog cable systems are not addressable. If you're hooked up to a cable line, you get the analog channels, period.

Cancelling cable TV, but keeping internet...can I use an HD antenna for whole house?

The only way around this is as I said before, for them to install a notch filter. If you already have service, they won't roll a truck just to install a filter. This isn't a huge issue, except that manually programming televisions remains a horrific task. Television is in a sorry state, just like how voicemail was before iphone.

There's a huge market opportunity here, but probably a very difficult one. Connect the home theater, or other new gear, to the television by connecting the "Audio Out" or similarly labeled jacks to the "Audio In" on the television. Do the same for the video. Turn on the power to the TV and new equipment. Then turn on the Scientific Atlanta box. Turn the TV to the "Input" you've used for the signal from the home theater using the TV's remote control.

Turn the home theater to the source jacks from the box that you chose. The cable signal will be sent to the home theater and then on to the television. Patrick Nelson has been a professional writer since He was editor and publisher of the music industry trade publication "Producer Report" and has written for a number of technology blogs. Nelson studied design at Hornsey Art School. How to Hook up a Stereo to an Epson Projector. Step 1 Place the Scientific Atlanta box in a location that is close to the electrical outlets and on a stable surface.

Step 2 Turn the television and Scientific Atlanta box off at the "Power" switches and swing the box around so you can see the back. Step 3 Connect the box to the new equipment by removing the cables on the box that lead to the television.

How TO Cable TV self install. Identify (only) the CABLE wire! Comcast Charter TWC Roadrunner

Step 4 Connect the home theater, or other new gear, to the television by connecting the "Audio Out" or similarly labeled jacks to the "Audio In" on the television. Step 5 Turn on the power to the TV and new equipment.