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When she reunites with Puma, who seems to have shelved romantic feelings for her, has changed his life around by working on a farm. Although he has lost interest in his songwriting, Puma decides to give a song to Jamal that Cookie is familiar with. Later on, the dinner party becomes tense when Cookie indirectly confronts Anika for spying on her, but she shows disgust towards Lucious's sardonic behavior towards Jamal's performance of Up All Night, telling him that he will go to hell.

She threatens Anika, telling her to watch her back, but she discovers that Lucious may have a secret that she's unaware of. Cookie decides to take matters into her own hands as the manager of Tiana. Meanwhile, Cookie opens up about her abandoned relationship with Lucious, revealing that Lucious had stopped visiting her in jail and refused to interact with her. Cookie, meanwhile, shares a dinner with Tiana, but the two both realize that Hakeem is nowhere to be found to prepare for their performance. Later on, Cookie attempts to reconcile with Hakeem, but fails to seek forgiveness.

Lucious, at the end, thanks Cookie for helping Titan join Empire, and increasing Tiana and Hakeem's success. Cookie arrives to her apartment only to discover a rose on her doorstep - the rose serves a symbol shown in Frank Gathers's drug dealing logo. Cookie feels immediately in danger, assuming that Gathers sent the rose and someone will kill her. Andre arrives to ask Cookie to allow Tiana to collaborate with Hakeem on his music video, but Cookie denies it despite Andre's urge to contribute to money since promotion money is limited due to the IPO. Cookie convinces Andre to allow her to join a board of directors or she will refuse to include Tiana to the music video.

Meanwhile, Cookie confides in Jermel to stop the roses from being sent to her house. Cookie returns back to Ghetto Ass Studios in celebration of Jamal completing his song. At the end, Cookie discovers that Lucious sent her the rose, as a symbol of their anniversary, and she is too late to get Jermel to stop him from handling Teddy McNally. Cookie attempts to help Elle through her drug and alcohol addiction, but Elle is resistant. Cookie reflects on her troubled past and how Elle influenced her.

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Later on, Cookie urges Elle to perform her music in a raw manner, and to stop hiding her emotions in materialistic features, and she is shown supporting Jamal during his interview with Sway Calloway. Cookie notices the obvious tension and competition between Jamal and Hakeem, but is shown completely bewildered by a mysterious presence that claims that Jamal is the father to her child.

After Lucious suffers from the symptoms of ALS, it is deemed impossible form him to go on and deliver a speech, so he insists Cookie should deliver the speech towards Empire. Cookie acknowledges Lucious's success and dreams, revealing their past before Empire Entertainment, and Empire's artists. Cookie urges Lucious to tell him of his problems, but when discovering that he has ALS, she is silent and distraught. At the end, Cookie opens up, believing that Lucious will breakthrough his illness.

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Cookie and Lucious share a sexual encounter together afterwards. The Lyon's Roar After Cookie and Lucious sleep together, Cookie believes their relationship will go further if Lucious breaks up with Anika, and she convinces Lucious to create a Legacy album and tour for the family. Cookie, being the producer of the legacy album, Records Hakeem rapping on a new version of Lucious's song "Your So Beautiful". Cookie critiques Hakeem and he throws a fit towards her. Lucious yells at the both of them, forcing them to try and get along.

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At the white party Cookie meets Hakeem's love interest, Camilla. Cookie tells Hakeem that he shouldn't be dating women her age.

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Unto the Breach Cookie went to Lucious's house along with Porsha while Lucious and Anika are planning their wedding, with the wedding planner. The Devils Are Here.

She is never afraid to speak her mind toward people. She is overall a kind-hearted person who cares about her family and allies the most, while being stubborn, as she doesn't like it when things don't go her way. Nevertheless, she is a vital part of Lucious and the rest of the Empire and is always by their side. Lucious and Cookie were a married couple.

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Before they were rich, they illegally hustled drugs and committed various other crimes. She supported his music career, and often helped in the production of his songs.

Together, they had three children: Andre , Jamal , and Hakeem. She was eventually nabbed on federal drug charges and was sentenced to 30 years, although she offered less than 5 years if she turned on Lucious, a deal she refused, claiming that she wasn't about to let Lucious spend the best years of his life rotting in jail. While in prison, she often thought of Lucious and sang his songs while imprisoned in her cell. During that time, Lucious stopped visiting her in jail and divorced her. Andre and Cookie have a good relationship. She is supportive and kind to him, especially after learning that he suffers from mental illness.

Although she is initially hurt and devastated after learning that Andre was behind the plot to kill Lucious, she forgives him and encourages Lucious to forgive him as well.

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Jamal is considered to be Cookie's favorite. She usually helps Jamal with his music and is very supportive of him. Their relationship was heavily strained when she, Andre, Hakeem, and Anika planned a hostile takeover to take over Empire. Eventually Jamal and Cookie made up, saying they missed each other.

At first, Hakeem hated Cookie and was very disrespectful towards her while Cookie kept trying to make up for lost time with him. In The Lyon's Roar Hakeem explained why he was always mad at her, saying that she loved Jamal more than him. Cookie denied that statement and said she didn't love Jamal more than him and that she just knows him better. After hearing that he stopped being mean to her and the two start to bond.

In season 2 Cookie and Hakeem left Empire to go start their own label. Bunkie is Cookie's favorite cousin. She was devastated when she heard that he was dead.

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When she found out Lucious was the one who killed Bunkie she tried to suffocate him with a pillow. Anika and Cookie hated each other from the moment they first met, with Cookie even giving her the nick name Boo Boo Kitty. Anika didn't trust Cookie to be in Empire so she kept hiring agents and even Porsha to spy on her but eventually Cookie found out and put a stop to it.

In the season one finale Cookie and Anika engaged in a brief fight with Cookie strangling Anika on top of Hakeem's pool table. Despite their mutual hatred for each other they put their differences aside and worked with Andre and Hakeem in a hostile takeover against Lucious. The plan didn't work and the four were kicked out of Empire and decided to start their own music company. Cookie, having a major dislike for Anika, tells Hakeem not to let her join them.

What is a bae? These two are playing Kylie and Tyga. Shout out to Amber Rose.

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Leave it to Lucious to bond with his son Jamal over the prospect of him knocking up a woman he forced him to have a sham marriage with years ago. Even before they take a paternity test. What kind of rap label boss claims a baby without confirming with a home paternity test? What kind of security team misses an Amber Alert in progress? What part of the game is this? Why is Boo Boo Kitty such a despicable human being? Though I understand each of them are in some twisted competition to rule all over Empire Entertainment, why would Anika drug recovering addict Elle Dallas to sabotage her performance at such an important event for Lucious?

How lame is Michael for leaving Jamal? Part of my disdain for Michael leaving Jamal might be rooted in my belief that Jamal chose the wrong Michael. Who has a better scarf game than Jamal? Itchy and Scratchy were on stage rapping about TVs and microwaves or whatever. I thought I was watching an expensive commercial for Rent-A-Center or a pawn shop.