She says she loves me but is dating someone else

Location Toronto-ish Age 49 Posts I'm not an alpha male. I cannot fake being someone else. I'm not even sure how I'm acting "weak and needy". How am I doing that? By talking to her like a person? It's funny how guys with thick wallets can act as "weak and needy" as they want to and still pull in 9's and 10's. I have looked over the "material" and honestly it doesnt interest me. Basically it's about playing games and I'm just not into that. Why does it always have to be about "alpha male" b. Cant she just like who I am?

Now you're going to tell me its not about "faking it" then go over a checklist of what I have to "change" lol. Yeh, thats faking it. If she thinks I'm such "low value" why is she hanging out with me until 4 am when she has work early the next day? Because Im a "cute kid"? Id like to think she enjoys being with me. But I guess not. By Lin Liu in forum The Forum. Likes me, has a bf.. By G35toTsx in forum General Discussion. By Future in forum Future. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Maybe other girls find that boring, but he's got this level of respect for himself that I love so much.

I knew about it, yet didn't think much of it because. Lately, this friend of mine has acted differently since he asked me to his formal. I'm trying so hard with my current bf because I don't need any "what ifs", and when I spend time with him I truly believe our relationship strengthens But these feelings for my childhood friend won't go away easily.

I don't think I share the same values as my GF. She is into beauty crap and she isn't morally as correct as me. I'm thrifty and she doesn't rly share my thriftiness. If I marry her, we'd prob have financial fights. I'm 21 and she's 18 btw. I know we're both young, but I think personal values won't change that much with age.

She has a fiesty temper too, and I think that may be because she is a single child used to getting things her way. That CAN change with time, when she meets the outside world. The new girl is 22, much more mature, cheerful, learned like me. She's shorter than my gf and not as voluptuous though LOL. But still pretty nonetheless. She loves animals and I love the fact she has what I consider to be a "healthy" interest, instead of an interest in self beautifying. I think I'm going to break up with my GF. Been meaning to for a while but I never had the courage to face the music, there was no outside motivation, and she gives great BJs.

But I want something more than that. I want to love a girl for who she is. Ive been with my gf for 2 years on and off. I knew she had a new bf because of facebook. Seeing her with someone else drove me nuts so i stopped talking to who i was currently dating and got my ex back.

Now that i have my ex back i met someone ,who in a short period of time i have gained feelings for. I still dont know if this person has the same feelings i do but my ex hasnt done anything wrong to make me think twice about our relationship. If i got with this girl who i like now i would break my exs heart again. I believe im getting these feelings because we are far from eachother. She wont move where i live because of work and i wont move because of work.

Our entire relationship is based on skype,facebook, and our cell phones. I'm in an year relationship where I was verbally abused doing at least 7 of these years due to alcoholism. The last two years in this relationship I fell in love with someone I know wife who is now divorced. I tried getting out the 8year relationship but was not successful. She wouldn't let me go and I also felt sorry for her cause gets sick and no one helps her.

She's also my friend, and more like a sister to me. I have no intimacy for her what so ever. Now me and the person Im in love suppose to be getting married in 5days and I'm still living with the 8 year relationship person. I trust the both, the new person respects me the old one don't. Caroline, You dont know a thing about honesty and why it's so important in maintaining intimacy. Had you shared your feelings with your current boyfriend, INCLUDING the new feelings that came up with your old friend, you would have instantly taken away your freedom to explore this other potential, or you would have freed yourself to leave your boyfriend if his response did not illicit a renewing of your relationship.

Remember, withholding relevant details about your feelings and desires in terms of your relationships is the same as lying. It's deceptive and it should make you re-evaluate who you are as a person of character or not. I've always had the problem of many ppl chasing after me when I'm single and in a relationship.. It was true he never really did, with work and school and also the same for me. Yet i made time for him and tried to be a "good" girlfriend. I felt as if i was "in love". But all of a sudden an old friend comes to visit and he expresses his feelings for me.

I have ended up spending more time with him then i do with my own boyfriend I love them both and they both have things a look for and both have qualities i don't really like but can live with.. I've come so close to cheating today that i ran off, and i haven't talked to either of the guys..

I really can't make my mind up This article fits how I feel a lot. And its strange because I want to be close with my girlfriend but its hard when someone else comes in your life with more similarities to you, does not judge, you feel much more open with, and treats you with much more respect. Three weeks ago my girlfriend just completely avoided me at a party we went to because of some rumor going around that I wanted to break up with her which was not true. I cried at the party, something I rarely do.

This girl who I was friends with came over and talked to me and showed me compassion. Me and my girlfriend are fine now but this other girl and I just became such good friends and I feel stuck between a rock and a hard place. The human race is a flawed race of organisms.

Why do we have to feel multiple loves? Why do I feel this way? What can I possibly do? The Spirit has truly blessed you with a very special gift. Just as you told me, Spirit always watches the actions of every person and makes determinations on their future based upon this. Well, my part with the extensive positive r easing is making me feel great again thank You i keep in contact with you, probably more that I should have. I have been blessed and I am grateful that your good wheel put you in successful path.

So I've been with my boyfriend for over a year now I'm recently 15 and he's 14 so we go to different schools I'm always worried he's cheating on me. He says he isn't like that but I always suspect. I was at a lifeguard training and I met this old friend of mine that I used to like we hit it right off the bat we started looking at each other like we used to he's really and I mean really good looking and he's really sweet not like all the guys in my generation that sag their pants and all hes one year older, but the main turn off is the fact that he goes to the rivil of my H.

S he has a car and everything we used to like each other but we never had the chance to get to know each other. I don't know if I still feel anything for my partner he showers me with gifts but that's not what I really want. I do really miss my old friend and I don't know if he still feels the same about me as I do him it says on his Fb he's single but I don't know if I could ruin my relationship my Bf says he really loves me and wants to marry me I know that's a lot for the age of 14 but he's really nice and immature but I don't know why I don't feel anything for him anymore.

I don't know if I should go for it and if I do would I crash and burn and stay single. Ano, yeah, you're right I came on here to ask for help I have been in a relationship for 3 years now, for approx the last 6 months things have not been the same.. I realised that I made most of the effort in the relationship and decided to take a step back.

Since then, things have gone from bad to worse.

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I am aware that my boyfriend loves me but like you, i dont even think he notices the change in my behaviour or realises just how boring our relationship is. He too is immature and has very little ambition. I feel exactly the same about my boyfriend touching me I feel like I can't carry on but have no way of telling him. Like you, my worry is his family, and mine for that matter. I feel like I could not face anyone if I broke up with him. I met a guy through friends about 3 months ago now, he showed a keen interest in me but I wouldnt cheat and rejected him even though I felt a huge connection from the moment we met.

The night I met him at a house party we stayed up all night talking about everything, he was so easy to talk to. Later he sent me messages over facebook and 3 months on I still talk to him everyday. I feel like I have really fallen for him, but the week after we met he moved to Australia for work. The distance doesn't seem to make a difference to him.. My problem is that I cant get him out of my head, i think about him being with me from the moment I wake up, I think about him in sexual ways also. I feel like I have fallen head over heels. I get on so well with him. I shouldn't be feeling like this.

I still get on well with my boyfriend but feel like we are just friends and he has not noticed it yet. I don't want to hurt him by breaking up with him but I am doing worse by not telling him. Can't believe that there's so many people in a similar situation as me Anyway, i started speaking to this guy again and he's gorgeous, it was great to start talking again, we've spoke pretty much everyday. He drives me nuts sometimes.

But i do love him.. I don't even really want my boyfriend touching me, am i a horrible person for this? I feel like we're going no where in our relationship Im 17 years old and have been with my boyfriend for 15 months..

Help! I'm in a Relationship and Falling for Someone Else! | PairedLife

I have never loved anyone as much as i love him and i dont think ill ever find anyone else like him.. He isnt considerate at all and can overall just be a complete idiot. Yet he knows me from the inside out and he is so close to all of my friends and family.. Conversely i have a very close best boy friend that ive known for 6 years! I've always been very attracted to him and we've always had this 'banter' 'flirty' kind of relationship..

But about 8 months ago i kissed him and ever since then my feelings for him have grown stronger and stronger untill i had to let him know how i felt.. But i find it impossible to end things with my boyfriend because im so madly in love with him.. I've been dating my boyfriend for the past 2 years, and we have SO much in common. We enjoy doing a lot of the same things, and spend a lot of time together. I also am living with him sort of. He's my best friend and someone who can always make me smile. He's caring, nurturing and a total sweetheart. Basically, everyone thinks I have it made in this relationship, and quite frankly maybe I do.

Coinciding with these feelings of becoming irritated by my boyfriend a lot, I have begun to develop feelings for a friend I met 5 or so months ago.

We only started hanging out outside of classes maybe a month and a half ago, but since then we have seen a lot of eachother and I know that feeling of interest is mutual. I am really comfortable with him, as he is with me and we have shared a lot of personal things with eachother, just because it felt so natural.

Overall, I feel like this other guy is "my other half" in that his personality and even psychology, to an extent are shockingly similar to mine. We just "get" eachother. On the other hand, my boyfriends personality is quite different from mine- more so the opposite or a compliment to mine, rather than being similar. All in all, both are great guys. I couldn't imagine not having my boyfriend in my life, but at the same time, I wonder if at this point it is because he is my best friend and someone I am very comfortable with, because I can't seem to get this other guy out of my head.

Either way I break a heart, and I don't know which relationship would be best for me in the long run so I'm stuck in limbo. So glad I'm not the only one, as many have said. I love love LOVE my boyfriend. There is nothing wrong with him. He is the ideal man. I recently had a life changing experience which made me distant. In the process, I fell for one of his best friends, who didn't push me to answer questions he asked, nor did he ever make me feel like I couldn't talk to him. My boyfriend, however, keeps asking me about it, and I tell him I'm not ready to talk about it all.

But he keeps asking and it's kind of pushing me away towards his best friend. I know it's because he cares and wants to help me and try and make me happy, but his constant badgering is getting on my nervs. I love him, but the spark doesn't seem to be there as much as it used to. I don't know what to do about this.

My boyfriend who I love, and his best friend who is acting as I wish my boyfriend would and who is understanding of my need to not want to talk about it. It's strange how the human heart works. What did I expect when I dated a guy younger then me, right? But like I said, we can't help who we love. It's been 5 years going on 6 years About four months back to December, my path crossed with a random guy who have turned my whole world upside down. He's mature, yet funny, charming, out going, brave, and wonderful.

This new guy has my mind thinking about him daily. He's confessed his feelings three months back and asked for marriage, knowing I was still in my current situation. Yet, here I am, wondering about him When will I ever forget the new guy? I was drawn to him Yet After that kiss, I ran out the door and never returned. I am have been in a realantioship for nearly 3 years now, but i met a guy more than a year ago. We have been friends ever since.

If i dont see him , i Miss him i can't stop thinking about him. I might be even falling in love. I do not have a very romantic relationshio with my current bf. Soo with my boyfriend we've been dating for a year and 4 months now, and he says im the one he wants to marry me and so on. And I can't see myself with anyone else in the future. Yet right now since we're only in high school i feel like we shouldnt have met until college. I mean high schools for fun and everything so I've flirted with guys here and there doubted my relationship with my current boyfriend. Yet it always comes down to how obsessed I am with my boyfriend and could never do without him now that he's been in my life.

I feel like I've cheated but I haven't. We would break up sometimes for a weekend or a week and sometimes I hung out with other people. I never reallly did anything. I find it hard to be with him I cry a lot and can barely deal with anything. Whenever we have a fight or break up he runs to his ex. They dated in 3rd grade for like 4 years and broke up and she moved away. I can't help but feel like he'll never committ or even go a year without talking to her while she's around.

I just can't deal with it. Also when they went camping together, up north for a weekend, or talked and texted all the time in the beginning. All while we were broken up for less than an hour He even talks a bout her! Like sure I still have feelings for my ex, i'll never do anything about it. Also I feel that these two guys never got there chance to show if they were completely if they were right for me I talk to them on and off just to get a boost in confidence without trying to lead them on.

Sometimes i just want to know. I still miss this guy, but what can I do.. Treat me like he's never been with anyone else. I just wish he could do what I want and not just what he wants.. Sometimes I miss damian,matt,and cody Me and my bf have been dating a year and a half but recently I find my self becoming annoyed and I really like this other guy that treats me so different than my bf and I want to be with him do much. Im 14, my bf is seventeen and the guy I like is 19 I find myself screwed.

I want to be with my bf cause of how close we are and the fact I get tto spend time with him however I really like the other guy and he likes me and is so mature. I feel like we could never see each other outside of school. The other guy has been patiently waiting for me since September of So, I've been in love with this guy for over a year, but he moved to Australia. I'm still in the states, can't leave because of school.

It was a long distance in the first place so we never made it official. But I've loved him this whole time. When he moved, we skyped and talked and it made me fall even harder for him. Recently, I started dating someone who I care very very deeply for. I put my Ausie out of my head and I've been happy this whole time with my bf.

I know I'm in love with him, and he says he's in love with me. It was always just wrong place wrong time right. Now he's visiting the states again, and I really want to see him, but I'm afraid if I do, I'll end up cheating on my boyfriend, and somehow, that doesn't bother me as much as it should with him. Im 17 and a senior in high school and I don't really feel anything towards my gf anymore. We've been dating for a few months but we don't have anything in common and she feels as though I always need to be taking to her.

To add more I have developed feelings for another girl and she also has feelings toward me. I haven't ever cheated and I don't plan on starting, I just don't know how to break it off with her: Am from china, but i reside in "US" i came in contact with a spell casters who caster a spell for me to get back my job back. Im guessing im the youngest one to comment. Im 13 years old and yes i know im young to be in a relationship.

So i've been dating my boyfriend for 4 months but i was thinking of breaking up with him because i fell for another. My boyfriend hardly spends time with me and we dont have classes together but the other guy teases me but makes me feel special. We would always text each other and talk to each other in class. I told the other guy i liked him but he said he only liked me a little. But yesterday, he told me he's starting to think im cute and that he likes me. I feel sad im keeping this away from my boyfriend and i dont want to cheat therefore im still together with him, but, i want to break up.

I know i will regret it because we're going to go further away. And my boyfriend is also going to go to a different high school:. I'm currently going through a similar situation. I started spending time with a guy about three years ago. He wanted more from me He saw that that wasn't possible so long as I was in the closet and so he tried to fix that problem. His outing me led to our spitting up. It wasn't necessarily that he outed me, but more that I felt I couldn't trust him he had promised me that he wouldn't out me.

We didn't talk to each other for a while. In time, our friendship came back and we are now best friends. Between the feeling scared to trust anyone and the thought that I didn't stand a chance, I spent a year getting over those feelings. And I did manage it. About a year later about a year ago now , I had another guy who actually was showing interest in me. It had been such a long time since that had happened to me He was flirtatious toward me and I was strongly considering a second try at a relationship. Then Valentine's Day came I walked into a room at school only to overhear him talking to a friend about his plans to go to dinner with his boyfriend.

I turned around and walked out. I felt like I'd been betrayed again. For the next month, I thought it over in my head and came to the conclusion that I liked him, and that I had been wanting something from him and thus misread his actions as advances. A month later, I learned from my ex that this guy had a problem with sleeping around.

My ex was furious that I'd been targeted he's fairly protective of me. Any self-confidence I had built up in those two years was drained out of me Within a month's time from then, both my ex and another friend started pushing me toward another guy. The one I had thought a year earlier that I stood no chance of getting. Apparently, he had a crush on me which I could tell from the blank stares I got from him. But I had no confidence in myself. The feelings I once had for him came back stronger than the first time. The summer started out as a blessing They seemed to be off and on for a couple of weeks.

They had horrible fights to the extent that I would calm my ex down one night only to have to repeat the action the next two. When the toxic relationship finally ended. He was left broken. I started to spend a lot of time with him; because I was worried for him. In truth, I wouldn't have put him too far from being suicidal.

In time, old feelings started to reawaken. We were talking on the phone one night and somehow, we got on the topic of my high-school crush.

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He high-school crush was physically perfect and his personality was the exact opposite. In high school, there were only two other gay guys besides myself. I didn't really have much contact with the one, but other I knew he was no good I told my ex about him and it turned out that he knew him. I got him to promise not to out me to him and tell him of my old feelings it would have been so awkward seeing as we all went to the same university.

It didn't take him a week to spill the beans. And I had my summer classes coming to a close which meant my workload tripled as I had put things off to help him get through his breakup. So I cut off our seeing each other for a couple of weeks. In that time, he met a guy online and started dating him. I don't begrudge him for it, but the whole situation made me feel a little down. With the fall semester starting up, I began to see the guy whom I had a mutual crush with again.

And the feelings drew back stronger than ever. I'm not certain when it happened Apparently, as I learned, he is totally wild; the exact opposite of me. And he apparently thought I was too feminine for him. My ex doesn't know how much he hurt me that day. I still haven't been able to get over that guy. Toward the end of that fall semester last fall my ex let me in on that my crush is apparently in a threesome?

Only none of them are committed to each other. When he started giving me details, I just wanted to tell him to stop, that I didn't want to know. But if I had, my feelings would have been made known to the entire world. So I kept quite. And now I'm in pain from imagining him with other guys. Then we come to this semester. My ex has now broken up with his boyfriend he met online and had an HIV scare a couple of days later.

Like last time, I stepped right up and supported him. Now, I feel us getting closer again, but I don't feel I can trust him. The other night, we were talking and he even admitted that I wouldn't be able to trust him. And at this same time, my crush has I guess broken it off with whomever he was with and going through what he is calling revirginization. A couple of side notes to the events of the last few weeks My ex has had a sexual encounter with the guy who tried to have an affair with me without my knowledge of what he was trying to do. I have to say that this really hurt.

I would have much preferred that he had kept it to himself. In addition, I've had some deep conversations with his now ex-boyfriend. We are going to remain friends, but I've been feeling some pull toward him in the last week or so. Our mutual ex has informed me that if any of his friends date him my ex's ex-boyfriend that he will personally kill them.

So, where I am right now is caught between my ex who clearly wants me back, my feelings toward the guy I've been crushing on for years who I apparently missed out on my only opportunity at getting because I was crushed over the idiot who tried to use me to cheat which whom my ex spent a night with which hurt me more , and my ex's most recent ex whom I am now feeling myself slightly drawn toward. So I ruined my chances with a girl four years ago by calling her the first day I got her number a few times at the urging of my friend.

Ever since then she's been a little creeped out and I don't blame her. But four years now, I have a girlfriend for five months but throughout these four years I have become friends with the other girl to the point where we're hanging out. I'm sure it's going no where but I'm screwing up my current relationship because of it and I don't want to be half-hearted in a relationship because that's unfair to my girlfriend. Also my girlfriend lives 50 miles away and I go out of my way to see her every week which causes me immense stress because I do it behind my mother's back and I borrow my brother's car.

I'm getting sick of lying and I just want something more simple. Hi people, this is my testimony to Dr. It took me a long time to think about this testimony! You helped me so much lately that I really wanted to express all the feelings I have since I met you.

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  • Of course, I am really happy that you reunited us. Now I consider you like a confident, and not only a simple spell caster. You remind me a lot of my grandmother who was counting me many stories about voodoo when I was young. I can feel all your spiritual goodness in all the emails you wrote, from the first day until now! Not knowing that my man has been with another girl. I heard about Dr. Dova, a spell caster, to my greatest believe, he did it and now i am with my man Guest what every body, i am getting married next Month Do not loose your love one, do not waste time because you are afraid, contact Dr.

    Dova so that he can help you, he is the greatest spell caster i have ever seen with time being email him now: Let's just say this was me last month, my boyfriend and i at that point in time were having a lot of fights and disagreements and held resentments against each other, we couldn't talk or look at each other, anyway's i ended up liking someone at my job, left my job to be with him and now that i have him i realized that he's not what i wanted or maybe it was all happening too fast.

    However this guy really likes me, and i hate to admit it but i think i was in lust. See of remaining comments. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. HubPages and Hubbers authors may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others.

    To provide a better website experience, pairedlife. Please choose which areas of our service you consent to our doing so. Casually flirt and see how she reacts. If she's encouraging you, she may smile, flirt back, tease you or laugh. These may be signs that she's interested in starting a romantic relationship with you. If she gives you the cold shoulder, tells you to stop it, or seems uncomfortable, give her some space.

    If she does like the flirting, continue paying her attention and trying to spend more time together. Think about your needs. Before you become too attached or involved with the girl in a relationship, ask yourself what you're hoping to achieve. Do you want to simply become good friends because you think you have a lot in common? Or are you looking for a romantic relationship? Since the girl is in a relationship, you need to figure out: Decide if you should ask her out. If you've become good friends, you may be wondering whether or not to move the relationship forward.

    If she's still in a relationship, avoid asking her out. Since she's in a relationship, she's already made her choice. If she's broken up with her partner, you could prepare to ask her out or wait and see if she asks you out. Figure out in advance what you want to say and how you'll ask her. Ask her out on a date.

    Keep the stakes low and ask her out for a date. Avoid jumping straight to asking her to be your girlfriend. If she just ended a relationship, that may be too much pressure. Be confident and hopeful when you ask her. You should also give her a few choices. Would you like to try the new Thai restaurant in town with me tomorrow?

    Can I Get My Ex Back If She’s Already Dating?

    Or maybe we could go to a concert this weekend? If she says no, don't get upset, argue, or keep asking. She might not be ready or interested in starting a relationship with you. Be mature and calm if she refuses you. Chances are, she feels bad about turning you down, so there's no need to be mean or rude to her. If you don't know what to say, say "Ok, maybe another time, I totally respect your decision.

    Is it right to date someone new when you're not over your ex?

    Be honest with yourself. If the girl is still in another relationship, don't lie to yourself about her feelings for you. You might be good friends, but if she's still in the other relationship, it's because she's choosing to remain. Don't tell yourself that she's secretly in love with you or is just waiting for you to ask. Part of being honest with yourself is knowing when it's time to move on.

    If you think you're more than just friends but the girl doesn't want to leave her relationship, you may need to consider seeing someone else. Walk up and say hi. Ask how she's liking the neighborhood, or school, or wherever it is that you normally see her.

    You can also ask if she would like you to show her around. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 6. First off, no girl is out of your league. If a girl likes you, she will like you for who you are. Try talking to her or just say hello. Not Helpful 5 Helpful Wait until she's free and ask her again.

    You don't want to appear too needy or clingy or she definitely won't be interested. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 5.