Places to hook up in vancouver

I have no words other than I am now drooling. One of the Donnelly Groups newest successes, the Bimini not only attracts single women but has an inviting and friendly vibe that confirms why. Located in Kits and with line-ups consistently every weekend, this two level bar has everything from pool, a D floor in the back, to co-ed washrooms and a selection of pretty single gals.

The Best Vancouver Hookup Bars

Really though, the Met is a good time for several reasons. This spot repels the women I can only describe as money hungry and partially plastic, but attracts those who appreciate a good time with good people. Single women love to dance and when I think D floor I think the Met.

Is it really patio season already? Single women love an excuse to get dolled up, get drunk and have dinner with friends. Expect to find groups of women enjoying everything from the bacon wrapped scallops, the nachos, the crispy calamari to a delicious steak or fish option.

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With signature drinks, comfy outdoor seating and a vibe, such as an outdoor Vegas club, the Roof at Black and Blue is a must if you are in search of single women. You can find them waiting in line, standing alone at the bar and breaking it down on the dance floor — the single women of Lamplighter. One of my all-time faves, the Lamp offers a unique Gastown feel that attracts a certain type. For the most part, the Lamp is filled with a friendly group of men and women lacking gang activity, designer gowns and a pretentious attitude.

Busy for a reason, this spot makes a mean drink and offers a large variety of beer and all other things alcoholic and delish. The day, the week or the month, it makes no difference — the Roxy is always filled with intoxicated or on-their-way-to-intoxicated women. Women love it for the dance floor, the numerous bars and the chance of meeting someone.

Top 10 bars to meet single women in Vancouver

Music and style is their claim to fame. Any single woman with a love for house music and luxurious surroundings has or will be at Ginger Ah, well, public sex is supposed to be a little awkward, right? This one is more for people who love the thrill of getting caught or being watched. Our source works in media and asked to remain anonymous — fair. What could be sexier? Desperate times call for desperate measures.

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Now, this one comes with a warning: This is ideal for anyone with a penchant for the outdoors. To find the right trail for your sexy adventures, click here.

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Frat parties are the most stereotypical, yet effective way of getting your rocks off. Sex with strangers is the name of the game. Put on an outfit you feel good in, get your flirt on and turn up the charm — who knows what could happen.

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